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Head Cradles with “T” Cutout

  • Breathable, high-density or low-density foam construction
  • Assists in proper alignment of the head, neck and spine during surgical procedures
  • Provides stability, support and comfort
  • Helps protect patient from potential pressure issues and/or tissue breakdown
  • Can be used when patient is in supine, lateral or prone positions
  • Protects facial features when patient is placed in the prone position
  • IV slit permits IV line to pass from the equipment to the patient
  • “T” cutout allow for secure endotracheal tube placement
  • Offered in a variety of sizes
Product # Dimensions Description Compression Qty
M60-030 9½” x 10¾” x 4” w/ IV Slit Non-Compressed 10/Cs
M60-023 9” x 8” x 4¼” w/o IV Slit Compressed 12/Cs
M60-023-C 7” x 6¼” x 3½” Child w/o Slit Compressed 12/Cs
M60-023W 9” x 8” x 4¼” Cutout Left In Compressed 12/Cs
M9501 9” x 8” x 4¼” w/IV Slit Compressed 36/Cs
M9501E 9” x 8” x 4¼” w/IV Slit Non-Compressed 36/Cs

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