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STEEP-T™ Multi-Angle Patient Positioning System

The STEEP-T™ system provides patient fixation for any procedure that requires steep angulation of the operative table. The system is a solution for multi-specialty surgical applications. The system helps to prevent unwanted movement or slippage of the patient during table position changes as well as during prolonged periods of fixed steep angulation.

Foam Positioning Pad

  • Non-skid backing creates an interlocking action for superior fixation
  • Cross-strapping with comfortable ergonomic handles aids in secure re-positioning, if needed

Head Positioner

  • Large radius neck roll allows for correct positioning of the head and neck
  • Positions head and neck in a superior recovery position for airway management

 Scapular Wedges

  • Aids in the protection of the brachial plexus from pressure or nerve injuries
  • Adds stability and fixation by increasing body to foam contact surface
  • Distributes forces generated from physiological funneling in steep, head-down positions

Arm Protectors

  • Wedge design helps increase fixation and helps to off-load sacrum
  • Hook-and-loop closures keep arms protected and secure


The STEEP-T™ Multi-Angle Patient Positioning System is intended to help prevent unwanted movement when patients are in steep-angled positions while also protecting patients from nerve injuries, potential pressure injuries, and/or tissue breakdown.

 Kit Includes: 

 3 Ea/Cs

 Foam Positioning Pad 

 1 Ea/Kit
 Head Positioner   1 Ea/Kit
 Scapular Wedges   1 Pr/Kit

 Arm Protectors

  1 Pr/Kit
 Body Strap   1 Ea/Kit
 M60-SF502 Kit Includes:   3 Ea/Cs
Foam Positioning Pad   1 Ea/Kit
Scapular Wedges   1 Pr/Kit
 Arm Protectors  1 Pr/Kit
Body Strap  1 Ea/Kit 
 M60-SF503 Kit Includes:  5 Ea/Cs 
Foam Positioning Pad   1 Ea/Kit
 Body Strap  1 Ea/Kit
 M60-SF500 Foam Positioning Pad   6 Ea/Cs
 M60-SF600  Arm Protectors 3 Pr/Cs 
 M60-SF510F  Flat Anti-Skid O.R. Table Pad  1 Ea/Cs
 M60-SF520A  Angle Anti-Skid O.R. Table Pad 1 Ea/Cs 

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