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  • All procedure packs are not made with natural rubber latex
  • Standard procedure packs are stock items which are ready for shipment when ordered
  • Procedure specific key sheets are included in each set
  • Each set has the same high quality standards at DeRoyal custom trays
  • All packs have been logically developed for ambulatory and outpatient surgery needs
  • Each set configuration is nurse-reviewed for clinical accuracy
Product No. Description Quantity
89-5027 Cystoscopy/TUR Procedure Pack 5/Cs
Pack Includes:
(1) Back Table Cover (44”x 90”) (2) Legging (31”x 48” w/6” Cuff)
(1) Bulb Syringe (10) OR Towel, Blue
(1) Cystotubing (1) Ring Basin
(1) Drape, Cystoscopy “T” (62”x 40”x 100”) (1) Syringe 10 cc L/L
(10) Gauze (4”x 8”) 12-Ply, X-Ray (1) Syringe 20 cc L/L
(1) Gown XLG Full Impervious MicroCool - -

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  • UPN:
  • Sterilization:
  • Latex:
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