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RadAR™ EasyClik™ Vascular Compression Device

  • Provides economical and safe hemostasis for post-catheterization arteriotomy radial access patients
  • Safely provides continued distal ulnar blood flow and venous return during radial artery compression
  • Enables user to apply compression just after the sheath is removed while simultaneously flashing the site
  • Can easily adjust EasyClik’s compression using levers to both control and guide compression adjustments
  • Enables gradual compression adjustments at any time without unfastening device to monitor patent blood flow through radial artery while hemostasis occurs at puncture site
  • Amount of compression is adjustable with one hand, so clinician can simultaneously palpate radial pulse
  • Translucent compression pad provides excellent visibility of puncture site so any bleeding can be immediately seen
  • Pre-assembled comfort foam pad offers optimal comfort to patient
  • Easily deployed in conjunction with the mBrace™ Wrist Support which is used to stabilize the hand before, during and after arteriotomy procedures
  • Latex free (not made with natural rubber latex) to help eliminate any allergic or anaphylactic reactions resulting from latex sensitivities

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