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Samson Sheets

  • DeRoyal offers a unique, multi-layered burn sheet, called the Samson sheet, to serve many functions
  • The first layer is a non-adherent contact layer to prevent the sheet from sticking to the wound area
  • The second layer is actually several layers of compressed cellulose to absorb large amounts of burn drainage
  • Next is a unique “strength grid” that adds enough reinforcement to the sheet that it can actually be used as a transfer or draw sheet
  • Samson sheets are available with either a permeable backing that allows the transfer of fluid and air, or with an impervious backing to protect bed linens
Product # Description Packaging Case Qty
10-8126 30” x 36” (Impervious) 100/cs 100/cs
10-8130 32” x 45” (Impervious) 20/cs 20/cs
10-8134 32” x 72” (Impervious) 20/cs 20/cs
10-8131 32” x 90” (Impervious) 20/cs 20/cs
10-8138 32” x 45” (Permeable) 20/cs 20/cs
10-8133 32” x 72” (Permeable) 20/cs 20/cs
10-8136 32” x 90” (Permeable) 20/cs 20/cs

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