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Our nation’s healthcare system faces many challenges today that didn’t exist a few months ago. There is an overwhelming importance to providing the best health outcomes possible, in the most innovative ways, at the lowest cost, to all in need. The Premier podcast brings together innovative leaders from within and outside the healthcare industry – from the big names you see in bold print every day, to those that just have bold things to say – to explore the country’s rapidly-shifting healthcare landscape and provide smart solutions to the challenges we face.*

Compelling stories from the front lines of America’s health systems.

Brian DeBusk CEO

On the Episode 35 of InsideOut, Michael Alkire chats with Brian DeBusk, CEO of DeRoyal Industries. DeRoyal Industries is known a global manufacturing powerhouse in the medical supply industry that has built one of the most vertically integrated companies in the medical business.

LISTEN HERE► Episode 35: Reinventing America’s supply chain through innovation, partnership, and risk-taking.

What to Expect

A 25-30 minute conversation with a diverse array of distinguished guests, the InsideOut podcast amplifies the voices of a cross-section of the entire healthcare industry. Our guests include executives, providers, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, analysts and other professionals whose work is both directly and indirectly related to the healthcare industry.*

 *Description taken from the podcast webpage.